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We see the big picture.
And love the opportunity to help.

You get one shot to make a first impression and sometimes real estate just isn't ready to be photographed. Our goal at CT1 is to make the most of where you currently are by completing our hq renderings from photographed Images, we have the ability to meet deadlines with a unique and high value product.

Our choice of metric? Turning our client’s project into a completed building rapidly.

Get to know our renovation render visualizations and how we can tailor them for your needs. 

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Increase buyer interest


Sell an unfinished property

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Offer design options

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Better Listing Appeal

5k Renders - No Plans required

The virtual redesign and renovation renders helps you reimagine the property and renovate it end-to-end but without the time and resource investment that a basic render from CAD/Plans would need.

The virtual redesign and renovation process covers updates to structural elements such as flooring, walls, paint changes, kitchen remodels, drywall or ceiling updates, backyard improvements and more.

Renovation renders help in preparing a property for sale/lease beginning from any stage during the construction process.


Before / After